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Where We Stand: Class Matters

First Line: “Everywhere we turn in our daily lives in this nation we are confronted with the widening gap between rich and poor.”
Where we stand - bell hooks

Author(s): Bell Hooks

ISBN: 0-415-92913-x

Publisher: Routledge

Original Price: $16.95

Rating: 8 of 10

This incisive examination of class is rooted in cultural critic hooks’s (All About Love) personal experience, political commitment, and social theory, which links gender, race, and class. Starting with her working-class childhood, the author illustrates how everyday interactions reproduce class hierarchy while simultaneously denying its existence. Because she sustains an unflinching gaze on both her own personal motivations and on persistent social structures, hooks provides a valuable framework for discussing such difficult and unexplored areas as greed, the quest to live simply, the ruling-class co-optation of youth through popular culture, and real estate speculation as an instrument of racism. Although the reading level and the price are both steep, this title is highly recommended for most public libraries and academic social science collections.
DPaula R. Dempsey, DePaul Univ. Lib., Chicago
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philedelphia fire

philedelphia fire

Author(s): John Edgar Wideman

Description: When African-American writer Cudjoe returns to his hometown of Philadelphia to write a book about the 1985 police firebombing of a black cult, his homecoming spurs within him a myriad of memories and impressions. While recalling the abandonment of his white wife and two children, his failed novel and a dead mentor, he provides rich observation about the about the crumbling state of a once-beloved city. As his research unfolds, he examines issues of sex, race and the life of the city, ultimately uncovering information that sets the entire city into motion. Philadelphia Fire won the PEN/Faulkner Award for 1991.

ISBN: 0-679-73650-6

Genre: African Americans

Publisher: Vintage Books USA

Original Price: $12.00

Rating: 8 of 10

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war with the newts

War with the newts

Author(s): Karel Capek

Description: The visionary Czech writer Karel Capek (1890-1938), one of the century’s great authors, first gained fame during the 1920s and 1930s when his short stories, novels, satires, journalism, children’s books, and plays made him the most important writer in his native country. War With the Newts, one of the great dystopian satires of the century, is about the discovery by a Dutch sea-captain of a race of giant, intelligent, talking, and walking newts. When humans begin to exploit the newts as slaves, the creatures organize to fight the oppression, taking up arms and challenging the humans for control of newt destiny and freedom.

This novel came very close to winning the nobel prize for literature when it was released, however, the incendiary subject matter of the book prevented it from garnering the prize.

ISBN: 0-945774-10-9

Genre: Action

Publisher: Catbird Press

Original Price: $11.95

Rating: 7 of 10

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