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what the? is a big company, and i’m sure they have untold resources dedicated to figure out where customers are getting lost, and how to help them find their way to purchasing books.

however, i mis-typed a URL earlier, and got this:

I am lost

apparently, when you’re lost, a hand-drawn cat will help you feel better.

kailey kitty
Kailey Kitty

h1. feel better!

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Super-random comment, here, since this article was posted more than dozen years ago. I’m the engineer who put that image on Amazon’s 404 page (circa 2002 or 2003), and so I can give the backstory. My daughter drew that picture when she was a month or two shy of her 2nd birthday. I thought that was pretty notable, plus the pic is just so cute. The picture that had been there was of a corgi, kind of like what you see on amazon 404 pages today. My kitty coup lasted for close to a decade :-). A couple years after I did it, I heard of an executive who was irritated that the image was not on-brand, and thought I might get a tongue-lashing about it, but I never did, and the image stayed there for a few more years so he must have forgotten about it (or warmed to it).

Not surprisingly, my daughter (now 19) has grown up to be a talented artist.

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