i love dixon

photo credit: tom leininger

while browsing at pencil revolution i read of a new pencil released by the fine folks at dixon – the tri-conderoga. the ticonderoga has long been a favourite of pencil enthusiasts everywhere, and dixon has been hard at work creating a new pencil to delight and ensnare the hearts of their longstanding client base.

the reviews i read of the tri-conderoga were all favourable, and i wanted to get my hands on one of these fine writing sticks. i did some quick googling and came up with a short list of online retailers that distribute the pencils. however, down each online avenue of merchandise i was met with the same frustration. no one ships tri-conderogas to canada.


i decided to go straight to the top and email the fine folks at dixon who had created this pencil in the first place. a day or two after my initial email a very nice customer service representative emailed me back to let me know that i could order them through grand & toy, and that she had sent me FREE SAMPLES in the mail. if i was in love with the people at dixon before this was turning into a strange and forceful lust.

i’m awaiting with anticipation the arrival of my sleek, black, trianglicious pencils.

thank you dixon!

3 thoughts on “i love dixon

  1. daveb


    dixon did send me samples – which were fantastic. alas, this is the only way i could get these pencils in our northern environment. so far i haven’t located a retailer, and i don’t want to push my luck and send a request for more.

    just yet…

  2. Dylan Richards

    hmmm. maybe we can swing a bulk buy with them… if we get a big box or some such thing, they might be willing to send them. where in canada do you live? (alberta here…)


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